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About CBD for Parents

CBD oil is a popular therapeutic and well-being alternative nowadays, but are children safe to use CBD?

The answer is yes. Cannabinoids and endocannabinoids are naturally present in the human body, and kids are vulnerable to outside sources of CBD very often. However, there are some important things parents must learn and include on their thecannabisradar’s list before giving reviews of CBD products to their children.

Look for The Best Quality

Non-prescription CBD oil shouldn’t have any amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for it is illegal in many states, so be cautious when buying online. Though the USFDA is on full force to eradicate all producers of CBD oil with THC, there are still suppliers selling online.

Inspect the CBD products very thoroughly before buying them. Moreover, not all CBD products are made equally as others have higher quality. Ensure that you give the highest possible quality of CBD products by reading reviews, communicate with other parents, and gather information about a product you wish to buy.

CBD Oil Is Great to Fight Anxiety, Autism, and Many More

There are not much recorded studies to support the use of CBD oil as the treatment for anxiety, autism, depression, sensory processing, ADHD, and other ailments for kids due to its conventional purposes. But, there are anecdotal records and surface investigations to help its use in treating this illnesses, and a handful of paediatricians recognize its benefits. Medical experts are also in favour for further studies and investigations.

Always remember to see your doctor first before giving any CBD products to your children because your paediatrician might endorse a prescription CBD oil instead of an over-the-counter product or alarm you regarding a possible bad reaction with other medicines your children takes.

Confirm Your Source

Although plenty of CBD manufacturers will state that all their products are allowed in all states, that’s not true at all. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made clear that non-prescription CBD products are only legal when marijuana is legal in that certain state.  Or else, you’ll be required a prescription from your doctor for you to acquire a CBD product. If you reside in a state that hasn’t made marijuana legal, you may still order online and have it delivered to you. However, there’s a big possibility that you will be facing legal implications and accountable to Child Protective Services (CPS).

CBD Oil Can Be Costly

The possible cost for parents who necessitate CBD oil use for treating their kids may accumulate up to $500 and above per month. Unfortunately, majority of the states, insurance companies doesn’t cover the procurement of CBD products yet. That is why maintaining the use of CBD oil may break the bank.

The price of a CBD product will differ according to its quality, where you buy it, and your state tax rates. If you’re out of budget, you may write a letter addressing to lawmakers to make insurance companies cover the payments of the product for medical purposes.


CBD oil can be very beneficial to kids with disorders in need, if used properly. Never give any CBD product without the approval of your kid’s paediatrician. Finally, always buy CBD products from an authorized source to avoid any complications.

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