Pupil Premium Awards aim to create a unified community in which specials schools can access and communicate their concerns, needs, issues, achievements, and innovations. We can be the voice for the betterment of our children in their respective special schools.

For teachers, we aim to be their speaking voice in terms of academic issues, programs, training, and concerns. A collaborative assembly is established in order to provide interconnectedness between specials schools and organizations.

We aim to be a proactive partner for policymaking and implementing practice by listening to the issues faced by special schools. We will support whatever needs we can see through by finding plausible ways and possible solutions.

Through our efforts, we will absolutely promote special education and help educate the public and the society about special education. This is to shed light about the truth and aims of special education as well as to eradicate biases and stigma.

In addition, it is also our aim to act as bridges to government agencies and other organizations that can surely help and benefit special school and academies across the country. With this, we ensure our community is a helping community.

Lastly, we aim to be an effective professional group that is trusted to work for non-profit purposes. We only aim to help provide for the future of our children.