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Find a Job on Twitter

Twitter is the popular micro-blogging site which most people use for posting regular updates through text messages and SMS. Your tweets have to be short and limited within 140 characters, but you can follow any other registered user without asking for his approval as required in other social networking websites and on others, sometimes you even have to Buy TikTok Followers which is not a case with twitter. Among other usages, Twitter provides various options to build an effective network and use the same for getting your new job.


You must have a Tweeter profile for searching jobs through this popular network. As you are going to highlight your professional skills to impress prospective employers, you need to highlight our professional skills and achievements rather the personal aspects. Also, choose a username looks a bit more professional and try to include your full name or at least the first name. A second private profile can also be created to make your personal tweets separate from the professional one which you will use for finding jobs.

Once you sign in for a Twitter account, avoid following your friends and family with the Twitter suggestion to get contacts based on email contact list. Concentrate on the main purpose for which you have opened the account and postpone the adding your contacts. Try to highlight your blogs by inserting the URL in the ‘More Info URL’ field. Similarly, you can add other professional websites like LinkedIn which will help in providing addition professional information to the prospective employers. Select and upload your profile picture which gives you a professional appearance rather than a carefree and casual look. Back the profile with detailed contact information and personal branding. Along with other details, it is also very important to mention that you are available for a new job offer.

Along with Twitter, set up profiles in other popular social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, and try to simulcast your tweets to these networks. For instance, you many of the available online applications to post your tweets as status updates in your personal homepage of Facebook. So your tweets will reach more people across different networks and widen the canvass of your job search and prospective employers. Ensure that you respond to the various messages and requests you receive through various networks. Also, respond to all the inquiries and queries you receive from various companies and consultants on your email address. Most of your tweets are casual and will not help in establishing you as a brand, therefore, be selective and simulcast only those tweets which will stand out and be effective in creating a professional impression.

You have to list down your primary and secondary goal for forming a systematic strategy for finding jobs on Twitter. Make a plan which covers other aspects of a professional career like contacting specific set of people, interact with other professionals in your fields, and collect regular news and updates about your desired industry. You can get more ideas after frequently using the micro-blogging website over a longer period of time. Your idea will be updated and you have to keep upgrading your plans and strategies to make the job search through Twitter more effective.

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