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Writing Skills in Young Children

Writing skills are important skills to develop in young childhood not just because of their importance in honing the language but also in developing strong communication skills. According to, Young children have minds that are at their epitome of learning. Psychologists say that the first seven years of childhood dictate what that child will grow up to be and like.

Therefore, parents, guardians, and teachers need to cultivate proper behavior and skills in young children. From Kindergarten, children are taught how to read and write, identify objects and them, and properly form words. Developing strong writing skills, however, needs more than just that. It requires a little more work.

How then do you ensure your child develops strong writing skills? Here are some tips:

  • Provide a Working Area with Writing Materials

Children are naturally curious. Even if a child does not like school or reading books, providing them with a conducive area for writing has been proven to enhance their skills. At first, the child may just play with crayons and pencils by drawing and coloring stuff, but they will start writing things down in time.

  • Encourage the Child to Write Down Their Names, Family Members’ Names, and Their Favorite Things

Writing is a form of communication that involves written words over spoken ones. This parallel nature of writing and speech is what needs to be taught to young children. Young children should be taught that writing is not a chore but a way of communication.

This lesson can be taught by encouraging them to write down their names regularly, family members’ names, school name, teacher’s name, favorite things like food, and names of pets. This will help the child recognize writing as a mode of communication and not a chore.

  • Encourage the Child to Write Down Words of Their Favorite Nursery Rhymes and Other Vocabularies

In today’s world, digitization has allowed children to learn nursery rhymes like “Baby Shark” and “Wheels on the Bus” at the comfort of their home TV. These rhymes usually have tailored lyrics to help children follow and sing along to the tunes.

Encouraging young children to write down the words of their favorite nursery rhymes will help them develop strong writing skills. Regularly teaching young children new vocabulary and asking them to write them down is also a good habit.

They will likely misspell words, but this should act as an opportunity to teach them how to spell words properly. It will also boost their memory and help them develop better communication skills through writing.

  • Set an Example for Them by Letting Young Children See You Write

Children do as they see. As a custodian of the child, whether you are the parent, guardian, or older sibling, make it a habit of letting young children see you write. You could perhaps write down a grocery shopping list with them or let them see you as you write it down.

You could also keep a diary and discuss its importance with a child. If you are a writer, you could let your child watch you as you work or when finding writing services. When watching TV shows or programs, increase the habit of writing down things like recipes or important information to assert the importance of writing in everyday activities. This will help the child develop strong writing skills as they grow up.

Final Words

Investing time to develop strong writing skills in young children will significantly help them as they grow older. Although it can be a difficult and time-consuming tasks, it will eventually be worthwhile.

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