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Teach Vietnamese Students in Classroom

Every educator’s dilemma coming into a new environment is the adjustments needed to create a space conducive for learning for students. If you know how to go tieng viet online then a wide array of information can be available through the internet, testimonials, or recommendations; however, one stays valid for all: strategies depend on the cultural upbringing and moral inclination of the class.

This article tackles about tips on how to teach Vietnamese students in a classroom setting.


Vietnam is considered a melting pot for different races and ethnic backgrounds. This fact translates then to the evolution of languages. In the country, various languages are spoken, such as Vietnamese, English, Khmer, French, Polynesian, among others.

As it is, English may not be the primary language learned by some. However, when it comes to the Vietnamese language, students take note of the usage of tone consciously. Intonations can give different meanings to what’s being spoken, and the ability to integrate these for more transparent communication is integral.

Likewise, common English errors should be expected as being a non-primary language in the country. In your classes, you might devise some fixing on the pronunciation, spelling, grammar, or sentence constructions. So, the next time you give instructions, try to make it simple and digestible for students to understand and follow easily.


Demeanors, in response to different situations, are specific for Vietnamese. To show respect, they bow their heads to their elders or people in the higher hierarchy. As a sign of gratitude and enthusiasm, they quickly offer smiles to people around them.

During confrontations, on the other hand, high pitches and tones are not appropriately received. Interestingly, some may find themselves laughing in uneasy situations as an act of trying to be modest through the discomfort. Vietnamese people are also known to be men of honor, so they’d appreciate much if you’ll commit to prior agreements.

School Setting

As a country born out of continuous migration of people, the structure cannot be expected as you thought it would be. Transportation is not accessible for everyone and remains a luxury for those who can avail it privately; so, attendance and punctuality commitment cannot be met all the time.

Likewise, proper school dressing and the right amount and nature of supplies are still to be introduced to schools. As with the involvement of parents with school matters, problems may arise, such as under the supervision of homework, less participation in school activities, and non-responsiveness when it comes to meetings and notices.

Vietnamese families are also mainly characterized to be patriarchal. Family norms might not be similar to other cultural settings, and it is essential these before emphasizing sensitive aspects such as discipline.

Educational Curriculum

Although the curriculum focuses on memorization rather than critical thinking, there are still various ways to circumnavigate that. Teaching through demonstrations can be explored other than improving language abilities.

Playing games, mind and physical exercises, and experiments can be unique ways on how to pull out your students from their chairs. Many students find penchant working in groups and find themselves in healthy competition.


These are just some of the things you need to take into account when teaching English to Vietnamese students and even when you want to learn Vietnamese online.

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