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Teaching your kids


Playing dress-up starts as early as 18 and 24 months old. It’s a children’s game where a person wears costumes or clothing for role-playing. Kids usually imitate what adults do or follow whatever they see on the television like this for example or in the movies.

It’s the theory that counts

Erik Erikson, the founder of the psychosocial theory, emphasized the importance of fulfilling the eight stages of his psychosocial development. Stage 2 of his theory is autonomy versus shame. This is when toddlers begin to show clear preferences for certain elements such as clothing. Toddlers must work on establishing independence.  If the child is denied the opportunity to decide on his own, he may doubt his abilities which would lead to low self-esteem and shamefulness.

Parent trap

Parents play an important role in choosing their children’s clothes. Most parents pick clothes that are practical and made to last a long time, while others would choose the ones that are on the latest trends to ensure that their children look their best at all times.

It’s not the brand, it’s the style

Good fashion choice does not necessarily mean selecting those items that are of the high cost. It’s not about the price tag or the brand that matters all the time. If we teach our children how to properly select their own clothes considering the cost, versatility, and durability, they learn how to look beyond brands and develop their personal style as they age.

Check my tech

Children these days are exposed to kid’s fashion due to early access to devices especially if they have social media inclined parents that want to showcase their trendy outfits. Some kids are even more aware of the styles than their parents because they spend more hours browsing the internet.

Let them be kids

Letting kids decide what they want to wear helps them develop their decision-making skills at an early age which helps them become empowered individuals in the future. It will help you identify how creative your child can be. It will also help them know more about the trend.

Comfort over style

Comfort has always been a top priority when it comes to kid’s fashion and even in adults. Most kids don’t care about looking good; they just want to feel comfortable with what they wear. Secure loose ends, remove itchy and dangerous items from clothes that may harm your child.

Oh, no!

The way you dress and how you carry yourself is a form of manners. How you dress defines who you are. Teach your child to dress right for the occasion. If your child insists on wearing his favorite sleepwear when attending a party, explain properly that sleepwear is not for parties and tell them what the appropriate attire to wear should be. Never reprimand your kid.

Good job!

Learn to appreciate what your child has decided to wear. Use positive statements such as, “very good”, “good job”, “lovely dress” and many others. It encourages your child and boosts confidence.

Kids’ fashion is not as difficult as you think it is. You can add enjoyment to it by bringing your kid along with you when you shop. Have fun!

Post Author: Alice Jones

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