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The field of education has many innovations over the years. With dynamic growth, this field is always changing and developing new solutions and technologies for better classroom management practices. It might look hard to catch up with all of the latest journal articles and books but fret not. With new web hosting capabilities and various web sites, teachers can easily be up-to-date with the latest development in the field of education. Here are some forums and web sites that may help you in learning about the latest innovations in the field:


ProTeacher is a great forum with an easy interface for everyone. Featuring many topics that may be related to your specialty up to topics about career decisions, mental health, and job vacancies. ProTeacher also provides an outlet for teachers to vent their frustrations.

ProTeacher accommodates teachers from primary school up to high school and allows them to interact with fellow teachers. Through this forum, they can get good support from other teachers and discuss topics from classroom management to class interaction and engagement.

A to Z Teacher Stuff

The forum, A to Z Teacher Stuff, has a large community with 41,815 members. With a capable web hosting capacity, A to Z Teacher Stuff can push the limits of its community, creating a better support forum for teachers.

It has organized sub-forums that can help teachers find their topic of specialization easily. It has subtopics for different grade levels and for different subjects too.

More than that, A to Z Teacher Stuff also has a time-our sub-forums where teachers can post topics that are not related to their classroom. It allows users to have a better conversation with each other and eases them into the community of teachers.

The Teacher’s Corner

The Teacher’s Corner is a website that focuses on giving resources to many teachers. It has different kinds of worksheets that teachers may use to make learning easier for the class. It also has different activities and lesson plans that fit the theme of a month. For example, the month of April may have the theme of Easter, and they also provide activities that fits the month’s theme very well.

They also feature daily writing prompts that teachers may use during classroom activities. Their pen pal feature is pretty unique too. Through its pen pal services, the teachers can help students talk to other students around the world.


Teachnology is another forum that helps teachers discuss classroom activities and management. It’s separated by core subjects and school levels. With 37,720 members, new teachers can easily learn more about teaching through this forum.

The Education Forum

With a comprehensive list of specializations of subjects, you can be sure that you will find anything you need in this site. It has topics that include ICT education and thorough discussions about history. There are many teachers that come from all over the world in this forum, as can be seen through the languages sub-forum. It is a community that is filled with teachers who are willing to share their knowledge and learn more.


With easier access to web hosting companies, it is much easier now to start a site for different kinds of people. With access to discussions and resources, this can help old and new teachers alike in improving their teaching.

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