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Ever since the Department of Education has implemented the Premium Pupils Awards 8 years ago, there has been a vast improvement. Many of the special schools and academies have worked harder to provide better programs for the children. The awards provided institutions, teachers, and schools to push their efforts more. This created an atmosphere for both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

However, while specials schools and academies have always provided their best efforts, there has still been an attainment gap. The possible lack of funding may have also affected this.

One of the main reasons for this is the socio-economic status of both the students and the institutions they belong in. it is undeniable how others may have been greatly affected by this. Sometimes, access to supported opportunities can become too costly for the schools.

The existence of Premium Pupils Awards has provided an avenue for specials schools and academies to be helped financially. The funds raised during the awards and all throughout the years have helped schools and academies. Although it had helped schools, fully finding methods of better funding for all special schools and academies are not yet obtained.

To further know the impact of Premium Pupils Awards on schools, data gathering is done annually for all participating schools. This is done to help track what progress and success Premium Pupils Awards have provided the schools and academies. This data is also important in knowing what other aspects can be improved or added in order to benefit the schools even further.

Here in our community, we seek to help every school as a unified voice for all. In order to make this happen, we would want to know what certain impacts the Premium Pupils Awards have made in your school. It is important for us in order to reach out to your respective schools better. Also, this helps pave a way to communicate the impacts better and faster.

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