The Department of Education continues its yearly tradition of the Pupil Premium Awards. The awards are now on its 8th year and are once again here for all the special schools.

For the past years, it has showcased and awarded schools that had the best special program school that benefited special students the most. It helps acknowledge schools of their practices that have helped their premium pupil-eligible pupils.

The Pupil Premium Awards was established in August 2011 and has helped special schools to have additional fundraising for the benefit of all kinds of disabled or disadvantaged pupils. Since its establishment in 2011, it has raised at least £5 billion of additional funding.

In the years 2015-2016, it has raised an additional £2 billion. Since then, it has been a yearly tradition of recognizing pupils, schools, school programs, and teachers who have done their best in various categories.

Applications for this year’s Pupil Premium Awards are open until the 31st of June. Make sure to check out this year’s categories to ensure a spot for your school. Once again, the Department of Education is ecstatic and excited for this year’s awards.

It has been also an anticipated event in our community. Check out this page to know more.