Emily Bobbins

Emily Bobbins is a chief member of NASS and has been a child psychologist for more than 20 years. She has always been an ally in our organization as she believes in our passion and cause. With NASS being one of our partner organizations, Emily Bobbins help us connect with NASS and provide their services to our member schools.

Dr. Edward Shines

Dr. Edward Shines is currently the founding member of “They Can”, a private organization that supports the welfare and education of special children. His love and passion started back when he was studying to be a SPED teacher. He proceeded to become a pediatric doctor and finally established They Can. The said organization is one of our partners that has been with us since day 1.

Belinda Fitzpatrick

Belinda Fitzpatrick currently sits as one of the executive members of SWALSS. She helps with the operations that involve SWALSS projects and programs. Her love for special education paved her way in her undying support.