To strengthen and improve the Pupils Premium Award as a better community, we have sent out questionnaires to our partner schools. These questionnaires contain quality assessment for our services, aspects for improvement, and overall general comment or concern of our operations.

Through this, we expect our partner schools to truthfully answer the questionnaires as these will help us guide what areas we need to improve and what more can be done.

As one of the bigger organizations in this realm in education, the Department of Education is seeking out important and valuable information to be used in implementing practices, policies, and others. With special schools making up only 1.2% of the entire education system, it is important that special schools and academies should be heard. This can be used to help government agencies notice the needs of our children more.

Many of the headteachers who had reached out to us and through the questionnaires pointed out that there is still a lack of concern towards the special education aspect. Due to this concern, there is still a lack of the involvement of special education when it comes to the formation of national policies.

For special schools and academies, there is a strong need to further provide special training, facilities, funding, researches, and programs in order to help our disadvantaged pupils even better.

We believe that if we can voice out these concerns effectively, we can be able to get various government agencies to act upon these urgent matters. In order to attain data efficiently and accurately, we ask participating schools and members schools to approach us now.

If the questionnaires given out are insufficient due to the population in your school, don’t worry. This website is not only established for news and announcements but as a place for the proper forum. We need your views and opinions to be able to move further in this challenge.