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Initial Teacher Training

In today’s educational scene, it is plainly honest to say that there is little coherence in teachers’ training when put in special education sections. It is safe to ask whether these teachers in special schools and academies are actually trained well in their line of work.
Nowadays, a variety of students and learning environments may test the teachers’ skills and abilities. This brings the question: are they equipped with proper training for the unforeseen challenges ahead?
There have been little data that can help answer this question. In addition, there is no followed standard on which …

How Psychology Helps in Special Education

Undeniably, psychology has been a core influence in today’s educational system. Many educational psychologists have researched various learning styles and learning environments for different ages.
When touching on the grounds of Special Education, it is different from the standard education system. It’s mainly because the students involved are those of special needs and attention.
Psychology helps in establishing special education in many ways. Today, we will be touching 3 main points as to why psychology is very important. First, it understands the uniqueness of students. Particularly in …

Impact of Premium Pupils Award

Ever since the Department of Education has implemented the Premium Pupils Awards 8 years ago, there has been a vast improvement. Many of the special schools and academies have worked harder to provide better programs for the children. The awards provided institutions, teachers, and schools to push their efforts more. This created an atmosphere for both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.
However, while specials schools and academies have always provided their best efforts, there has still been an attainment gap. The possible lack of funding may have also affected this.
One of the main reasons …