Back in 2013, a group of colleagues aiming for a better form of the academic community for special schools formed the Pupil Premium Awards. In order to create a better place for educational issues, discussions, programs, and congruence, the group continues to operate up until this day.

The groups of colleagues came from special schools, special education academies, special training schools, NHAT, the National Education Trust, SWALSS, and Nasen.

We strongly believe that special schools should have an organized system of bodies that would help communicate various needs and concerns towards other schools, the government, and other organizations. With this, a guaranteed unified voice can help reach out to the community and the policymakers. In addition, this can help redesign and change special education to its better state.

By working towards a common goal, we continue to work collaboratively and smartly to bring the most efficient method in connecting schools, the government, and organizations smoothly. This community-like system will work hand-in-hand in providing training, solutions, and innovations to special schools. Apart from this, achievements and successes will be reported to mark improvement.

There are no monetary obligations involved when a school wants to be listed as one of the members. We guarantee that there is no monetary involvement of any form asked or solicited from its special school members.

Through a unified voice that seeks improvement for our special schools programs, we believe that it is our duty and heartfelt obligation to provide this community. Through us, special schools no longer have to struggle in finding ways to be heard or seen. By simply being a member, we can bring you news, development, innovation, and a safe place to voice out your needs.

We have developed a communication system via email to ensure safety and effective monitoring. Through this, we will be able to report back to schools and organizations swiftly.