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Criminal Record

A criminal record is like writing CRIMINAL on your forehead with a Permanent Marker. Every best background check service can pick it easily when hired by someone.

Once you put them on you can’t get them off

I share three true case examples. Read them and decide.

I am retired from my 40 year career as a criminal lawyer and judge; yet people often call to ask if I can help them get their records clean.

Many people with records say; “I did that when I was young, how can they still hold it against me all of these years later?” “I did my time and forgot about it until I had a chance to get a good job.”

“I was in line for a promotion, until a record check found my old record.”

Many people have changed their lives and are different from what they used to be. They want another chance and a fresh start.

1st. Case

A young man in his mid-30s told me that,he was bound over to adult court for drug and weapon possession when he was 17. He had served two years in prison and was now looking for a job to support his daughter.

Most states have laws that will permit expungment (cleaning) of criminal records under strict guidelines.

He said he had filed a motion for expungment of his record but the judge denied the motion.

Some crimes can be taken off of a record others cannot. It is often thought that juvenile offenses won’t hurt in later life; why take a chance? A criminal record marks you like a permanent marker.

The young man plans to ask the judge to reconsider his motion.

2nd Case

I was at a book fair in 2011. A middle aged woman came up and thanked me for “saving her life”. She told me that she came before me when I was a judge in the 90s and that I gave her a chance to get out of trouble and off of drugs. She said I had given her a piece of advice that led to her graduating from college. She has stayed clean and has been working a good job for years now.

She said she was up for promotion for a high paying position.

She said a record check knocked her out of the advancement.

She was considering filing a motion for expungment to clear her record.

3rd Case

A clean cut industrious young man in his early 30s had a good job working in the banking industry. Because of the slow economy there were cutbacks and he was laid off. When the economy rebounded he was called back to work.

The company ran a new record check and declined to rehire him based on a juvenile record from fifteen years ago. He wants to get his record cleared so he can apply to be rehired.

Without knowing more should the judge grant or deny the expungment motions for these two people?

You be the judge! Would you grant or deny the motions?


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Judge Leslie Isaiah Gaines

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