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Teaching Self-Portraits

Art teachers need to ensure that their students know how to draw self-portraits with the help of custom paint by numbers canvas. Painting Self Portraits gives students the skills needed when trying to learn the fundamentals of art.

As a teacher, this will also help you gauge the overall progress of your teaching methods. Students are equipped with creative skills in such a way that they can draw details incredibly on their own. Drawing a great self-portrait entails coming up with facial features designed with various lines and shapes.

Good teaching practices ensures that students are not discouraged from their mistakes. Instead, they’ll want to learn more and be encouraged to take risks. The perception of “I cannot draw” is eliminated from the student’s mind. The following are the best tips to embrace when teaching self-portraits.

  • Observation expansion

When drawing, your students should always get the chance to properly observe their work after a session. This will help them instill all the good practices while pointing out the bad ones.

Spend time to explain what the students have to draw. This enables them to get a clear view and expand their thinking past what they see. For example, if you want them to come up with a drawing on an eye, different parts of the eye should be explained.

  • Focusing on what is to be drawn but not how to draw it

Concentrate on the details which should appear on the self-portrait and avoid the process of drawing. A good example is when drawing an eye.

Give students a mirror so that they carefully observe what they should draw. Looking at the eye of their desk mate is also an option. Before a close examination, some will draw a black dot enclosed in a circle to resemble an eye of which is wrong. This outlines the essence of focusing.

  • Celebrating the weird

Bizarre and imperfect results of self-portraits should be expected. Observations are always diverse after students have replaced their assumptions.  This signifies what the young artists have come up with. The students might be ranging from five to eight years old and each of them has a unique perspective.

Any weird aspect should be noticed and commented on positively. This will encourage students because a room for improvement will be opened. They should always understand that imperfection has value when it comes to future development.

  • Dealing with the “ I cannot draw” perception

At times some students might give you feedback on how they are unable to draw. Ensure you refocus on the assignment and explain the features of what is to be drawn.

Encourage them that this is a unique approach and you will appreciate what they will submit. Try to go for an inspiring conversation rather than being instructional.


The discussed tips will enable you to teach self-portraits and your students will eventually gain this artistic skill. You need to be patient enough with students when Painting Self Portraits because learning artistic skills is a process. Appreciate the imperfect results and with continued inspiration, they will make it better.

Post Author: Alice Jones

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