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GMAT Exam While Social Distancing

For over 60 years, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exam has been the most scrutinized assessment for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) admissions and need GMAT prep books to crack it. Passing the exam with flying colors shows the admission committees that you have all it takes in handling the rigors of the course.

However, preparing for GMAT nowadays can be challenging because of the pandemic. Going to review centers or libraries are not good ideas because of the risk of getting Coronavirus. But, preparing for GMAT is still possible.

In this article, we will discuss some effective ways on how to be successful in terms of GMAT preparation amid the pandemic.

Know the Components

The first thing you have to mind in GMAT preparation is the type of program you are applying for. For instance, if you are taking a Master in Science, then exert extra effort in improving your quantitative scores since admissions checks first that section before the others.

Plan for the time you need to cover and give yourself at least six months of constant studying. Don’t juggle all the exam coverage on a condensed timeline, instead stay disciplined and use your time you’ve set wisely.

Be Familiarized with The Structures of GMAT Exam

Make sure you are knowledgeable about the details of the exam. The GMAT exam has these four main structures:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment- gauges your critical thinking and how well you communicate your points of view, knowledge, and ideas
  • Integrated Reasoning- assesses your data analyzation abilities and how you interpret information presented on varied formats
  • Quantitative Reasoning- assesses your mathematical skills, interpret data and editing abilities
  • Verbal Reasoning- assesses your skills towards reading comprehension and how you observe and make a conclusion on any written arguments

Take Official Practice Exams

Taking and reviewing the questions and answers of the previous GMAT exams are worth considering. Track the time and scores that you garner in every practical exam and additional exams and see it improve in every round of tests you take.

Use the information as a baseline for benchmarking shows the progress you are making. It similarly monitors and indicates how much time and effort you need to utilize more. Doing so stimulates your actual test experience, which boosts your confidence. You get yourself well familiarized with the test formats and concepts.

Enroll for Test and Prep Courses

One of the best strategies that advantage you in GMAT preparation is to take an online prep course. Especially when you have limited access to resources on study groups, prep courses allow you to access information from their past participants and lecturers.

While prep resources are of abundance, use your structured time choosing GMAT official prep materials. The designers of GMAT prepare the documents, and they use the same scoring algorithm identical to the actual test. Most importantly, the questions are from the exact past exams. 

Participate In Study Groups

Solving GMAT exam questions with fellow reviewers helps you retain the information. Sharing your analytical skills, working through a variety of questions, and contributing different approaches to hones your skills towards problem-solving and opens you to new strategies for tackling more complicated problems.

Talk to Actual GMAT Test Takers

Experience gives the most practical, perfect solutions. Don’t hesitate to reconnect with colleagues, batchmates, business school students, and alumni who took or are retaking the aid GMAT exam. Then take note of their effective ways and personal pieces of advice in GMAT preparation.

Final Word

The GMAT leads you to doors of opportunities. A stepping stone that elevates yourself in making you reach your highest aspirations, realize and maximize your potential, and allow you to showcase yourself.

Students and reviewers might struggle to adjust to what the pandemic has fetched; however, following the steps gathered above reduces the anxiety of the fast-approaching exam. Similarly, it avoids you from getting overwhelmed with taking all in the information while reviewing all alone using the outdated method.

Post Author: Alice Jones

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