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Pupil Premium Awards aim to create a unified community in which specials schools can access and communicate their concerns, needs, issues, achievements, and innovations. We can be the voice for the betterment of our children in their respective special schools.
For teachers, we aim to be their speaking voice in terms of academic issues, programs, training, and concerns. A collaborative assembly is established in order to provide interconnectedness between specials schools and organizations.
We aim to be a proactive partner for policymaking and implementing practice by listening …


Standing as a unified voice for every special schools and academies across the country, we adhere to our objectives. But first of all, in order to adhere to these objectives, we are loyal to our guiding principles.
In Pupils Premium Awards, we strive to have integrity, fairness, efficiency, effectiveness, unity, and positivity in every work that we do for the children. Without these guiding principles, we could not have been able to tackle our objectives.
First, we oblige in connecting schools between government agencies like the Department of Education and National College for Teaching and …

Our Team

Emily Bobbins
Emily Bobbins is a chief member of NASS and has been a child psychologist for more than 20 years. She has always been an ally in our organization as she believes in our passion and cause. With NASS being one of our partner organizations, Emily Bobbins help us connect with NASS and provide their services to our member schools.
Dr. Edward Shines
Dr. Edward Shines is currently the founding member of “They Can”, a private organization that supports the welfare and education of special children. His love and passion started back when he was studying to be a SPED teacher. …


Back in 2013, a group of colleagues aiming for a better form of the academic community for special schools formed the Pupil Premium Awards. In order to create a better place for educational issues, discussions, programs, and congruence, the group continues to operate up until this day.
The groups of colleagues came from special schools, special education academies, special training schools, NHAT, the National Education Trust, SWALSS, and Nasen.
We strongly believe that special schools should have an organized system of bodies that would help communicate various needs and concerns towards other …

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